Daily and natural routine for smooth, moisturized skin

Daily and natural routine for smooth, moisturized skin

Daily and natural routine for smooth, moisturized skin

To achieve a soft skin we must take care of it both on the outside and inside. Besides moisturizing it correctly, there are other factors that also influence your well-being, such as tobacco or an unbalanced diet.

If we want to have a smooth and hydrated skin we must follow a simple daily routine. It will not take long, but we must be constant to achieve satisfactory and permanent results. In this way, we will avoid dry and dry skin, heels and cracked elbows, etc.

Discover in this article the simple steps that you must follow each day to nourish your skin in depth.

Do you want a soft skin?

The skin is the largest organ of the body and, being so exposed to the outside, suffers the consequences of agents such as weather, pollution, etc., as well as the passage of time. For this reason, to keep it always healthy and beautiful we must take care of it daily, especially after 30 years.

In this article, we propose a routine for the skin that we must follow daily, both externally and internally, since the feeding is fundamental to nourish the skin from within. We also propose some techniques to perform once a week and improve the renewal of skin cells.

Why does the skin dry

There are several factors that affect the skin and promote its dehydration:

  • Unbalanced food, rich in harmful fats, sugars, flours, and dairy.
  • Drinking little water.
  • Excessive exposure to the sun.
  • Smoking.
  • Lack of an external hydration routine.
  • Inappropriate cosmetic products.
  • Aging .
  • Hormonal changes.

Skin Routine

1. Oil in the shower

We all want to moisturize daily, but we do not have time to apply the cream all over the body and wait for the skin to absorb. Nevertheless, we propose a more practical alternative that we can buy or elaborate of the homemade way: the solid oil.


This natural cosmetic we can apply while we are in the shower because with heat and water vapor we open the pores of the skin and the oil is absorbed much better. In addition, moisturizing the skin is as simple as passing the oil throughout the body while the skin is moist. In only one minute we will be hydrated.

When leaving the shower we can leave the skin to dry either alone or with a towel, but without doing too much friction.

2. What oil do we use?

To obtain the best results we can choose different alternatives:

  • Almond oil: Economical and very nutritious.
  • Coconut oil: Delicate and balanced, ideal for combating fungi.
  • Jojoba oil: It is absorbed easily.
  • Shea butter: Very nutritious, for dry skin.

3. A gentle exfoliation

Exfoliation is an essential part of our routine, as it removes dead skin cells and promotes their regeneration. As a result, we get the firm, soft and luminous skin. We can exfoliate with specific sponges or gloves.

Also, we can also prepare our own solid oil, but with sea salt. Thus, while we moisturize our skin we will also be doing a gentle peeling.

4. Watch out for the sun

We like the sun and tan our skin to achieve a beautiful tan tone. However, we should not abuse it, as it causes progressive dehydration and aging of the skin.

The healthiest thing is to sunbathe for 20 minutes daily. In addition, if we do not exceed this time it is not necessary to use sunscreen (although it is always recommended).

5. Dry Brushing

The technique of dry brushing is excellent for having a smooth, beautiful skin without cellulite. It is a very simple method that we can do at home several times a week with the help of a natural bristle brush.

6. Drink water

Hydrations not only obtain from the outside through lotions and oils, but we must drink enough water throughout the day.

We recommend drinking 2 liters of water each day, on an empty stomach and out of a meal, to produce a positive effect on the skin.

7. Eat healthy fats

The last point is directed to the food, which is the one that contributes the nutrients for our skin. The most important are healthy fats, that is, the essential fatty acids that nourish and give shine and smoothness to the skin from the inside.

We recommend consuming these foods for a smooth and hydrated skin:

  • Oils (olive, coconut, krill, evening primrose, wheat germ)
  • Nuts
  • Flax and chia seeds
  • Avocado
  • Blue Fish
  • Yolk

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