6 natural products that will help you control menopause

6 natural products that will help you control menopause

6 natural products that will help you control menopause

Although there is a whole range of chemicals that can help us cope with the symptoms of menopause, it is always better to opt for natural alternatives, which will have fewer side effects.  With the advent of menopause, women usually gain a few pounds of weight. Generally, menopause usually appears after age 45 and before age 54.

To reduce its effects, as well as to maintain the line and take care of the skin once arrived at this point, we must make some changes in the diet and take natural supplements. They will help us to have more energy and vitality to overcome this stage in the best way.

Metabolic changes during menopause

With the end of menstrual cycles, women often have hormonal changes that are accompanied by sweating, irritability, hot flashes and even depression and anxiety.

It is quite frequent that, from the age of 45, the woman begins to lose part of her muscle mass. With this, your abdominal area can go up in volume.

It is always best to resort to the advice of a nutritionist who specializes in menopause.

  • It is very useful to adopt a diet oriented to maintain this muscle mass that increases the proteins and reduces certain high carbohydrates in refined flour and saturated fats.

The changes that occur in the female body during menopause can be softened by taking some medications, such as hormones, natural or synthetic.

However, we can also use other natural products.

1. Soy isoflavones

Soy isoflavones are the vitamin supplement most known and used by many women. The composition structures of these are similar to those of natural estrogens. So, they are ideal for occupying the space of these estrogens that no longer produce in menopause. Soybeans can be the ideal complement to overcome the lack of natural hormones.

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  • In the event that natural hormones cannot be taken for any reason, soy isoflavones or any other plant will not be advised either.
  • Likewise, they are not recommended for people with an allergy to soy.
  • Among the current drawbacks of soy consumption is a number of transgenic soybeans on the market.

When purchasing these products, it is best to use soybeans from organic farming. We can find it in capsules, creams, etc.

2. Preparations with Actaea racemosa

Also known as black cohosh, the preparations of this plant are replacing many of the products traditionally made with soy.

It is that, among other things, does not cause the allergy that can originate the soy, nor does it exist the risk of the transgenic soybean.

  • This interesting plant, native to North America, may decrease the symptoms of menopause in the short term.
  • It also has active anti-anxiety, hot flashes, and palpitations.
  • We can find derivatives of this plant in many products to lose weight or to prevent hair loss.

3. The red clover or clover

This wild plant, from the legume family, also contains isoflavones and helps to eliminate the effects of nighttime hot flashes as well as anxiety and depression.

We can find red clover preparations easily. In addition to isoflavones, it also provides minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium) and vitamins such as C.

4. Maca root

Maca root also helps a lot to alleviate the symptoms of menopause, as well as controlling anxiety, depression, and loss of libido.

In certain areas of the world, such as Peru and Bolivia, it has been widely used since antiquity to treat multiple ailments.

5. Dong Quai

Dong Quai ( Angelica Sinensis ), known as “female ginseng”, is often used to relieve different symptoms of both menopause and premenstrual.

Traditional Chinese medicine has used this active principle for many years.

  • If we look for this substance in the markets, we will find it included in different food preparations or supplements.
  • Its effects are similar to those of natural estrogens.

6. The Omega 3

The essential fatty acids Omega 3 is a type of fat very useful for different aspects of our health.

In addition to protecting our immune system and heart, they are used as an anti-inflammatory, something fundamental during menopause. Omega 3 is a natural source of vitamin E, the vehicle of most hormones. Thus, their consumption is very healthy during the menopause.

Although hot flashes and their effect are not avoided, inflammations, bone problems, and increased blood cholesterol are improved.

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