What do you eat out when you are on a diet?

What do you eat out when you are on a diet?

What do you eat out when you are on a diet?

Today’s article is directed especially to all those people who are doing a diet to lose weight but for different reasons is forced to eat away from home most days. That is why today we teach you “what to eat out when you are dieting “.If the goal is to lose fat you have to take into account ingesting fewer calories than our body spends throughout the day. The ideal meal would be that low in fats and carbohydrates and rich in fiber and protein. Logically, in fast food restaurants, it is more difficult to eat healthily, try that the place where you go allows you to continue with your diet.

lose weightHere are the tips we have selected based on what to eat out when you are dieting:

Salads first:

In most restaurants or bars where you go, you need to find salads, a very good product if the goal is to lose weight. The only downside to the salads is that they are made up of some fatty food and the dressing. Try to choose one that does not carry many supplements that harm us as can be ham, fatty cheese, excess nuts … As for the dressing; try to do it yourself with a little olive oil and vinegar if you like.

The garnish of the second plate:

The second plate is treacherous because although there are numerous foods that are perfect when we are on a diet, the danger is the garrison.


It is ideal to choose white meat of second course or fish, but you have to try to avoid the sauces and especially the chips that usually accompany them. Try to swap potatoes for salad or grilled vegetables.

Beware of dessert:

Dessert is the easiest dish to fall into temptation. You will find a wide range of ice creams, cakes, creams … You have to be strong and avoid sugar at all costs, choose whenever you can fruit or yogurt.

Most restaurants and bars have food from the Mediterranean diet, which also makes it hard to keep dieting outside the house. The difficulty lies in knowing what to choose and avoiding saturated fats.

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