Tips for eating less carbohydrates

Tips for eating less carbohydrates

Tips for eating less carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are present in many of our daily intakes and perhaps that is one of the reasons why we cannot lose weight. Although they provide nutrients and give us the energy to perform our daily activities, it is not appropriate to abuse them.

In this article, we will give you some tips to eat less carbohydrate.

Are carbohydrates bad for your health?

This question is very common, especially for those people who want to lose weight.

In recent times low-carbohydrate diets have become popular, which, as the name implies, reduce their intake to a minimum.

The premise of this type of feeding is as follows: “the carbohydrates are responsible for weight gain.”

However, we cannot eradicate them completely from our diet, since they have very important functions in our body.

For example, they are the main source of blood glucose.

This means that they are responsible for carrying “fuel” to the cells and are the source of energy that the brain uses to perform all its functions.

Likewise, we must know that in nature there are two types of carbohydrates.

On the one hand are the simple (or sugars) and on the other the compounds (including starches and fibers).

The man has modified the process of food processing and has generated a new type of carbohydrates: simple refined.

Which are? Those that are present in most of the manufactured products that we find in the market: cookies, pasta, pastries, box cereals, etc.

The problems with them are that they absorb quickly because they do not have fiber and misalign blood glucose levels. In addition, they accumulate fat in the body (especially in the abdomen).

So, the drawback with carbohydrates is that we consume those that are not healthy (the refined ones) and we leave aside the natural ones (present in the fruits, the vegetables, the cereals and the legumes).

If we made a change in the proportions we could lose weight and avoid many diseases.

Tips to consume less carbohydrate

Based on the concept of “bad” carbohydrates, it would be good to stop consuming them so much.

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So we give you some tips that could help you:

  1. Set aside sugary drinks

They are not at all healthy, since they have corn syrup in large quantities, in addition to much sugar.

This causes, in addition to obesity, insulin resistance. Even dietary choices contain harmful ingredients.

Instead, choose to drink water, natural juices or herbal infusions.

  1. Add more fruits and vegetables

Many times we eat cookies, bread or snacks and snacks because we have anxiety and no appetite.

This can be solved, for example, by failing to buy certain “tempting” products or by having an appetizing fruit basket in sight.

  • Rather than choosing a food full of carbohydrates, opt for a vegetable. For example, a branch of celery or a raw carrot (chewing reduces stress).
  1. Reduces bread intake

We are accustomed to consuming bread as a perfect accompaniment to pasta, meat or sauces.

However, a loaf of bread has too many refined simple carbohydrates and therefore is one of the main causes of weight gain.

  • It is important to choose whole grain breads (for example, rye) which, while providing carbohydrates, also have a good amount of fiber.

Thus, among other benefits, improve intestinal transit.

  1. Do the shopping on a full stomach.

A good idea to take care of both the body and the pocket is to go to the market after eating.

  • When we are hungry the brain cannot make good decisions and, moreover, it tempts it with whatever it sees.
  • So we do not recommend going to a restaurant on an empty stomach (you can, for example, eat a fruit before leaving the house).
  • Remember that appetite will make you opt for processed, greasy, sugary and unhealthy foods. So, eat first and buy later.
  1. Choose snacks with low carbohydrates

In the middle of the morning, in the afternoon or before dinner we must do what are known as “collaciones”, which prevent us from reaching the main meals with a lot of appetites and devastate the dish in seconds.

We must pay attention because these snacks cannot be composed of any food.

Instead of chips, cookies, sweets or cold cuts we recommend you have some nuts such as almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts or walnuts on hand.

While it is true that they have enough calories, the key is to consume only a handful. The good news is that they quench the appetite and reduce anxiety.

  1. Do not be fooled by the “light”

They are very fashionable. A lot of products on the market are in packages and green containers to prove they are “low in calories.”

The problem is that these items are not always healthy. They contain less hydrate but also less protein, less sodium, and more minerals.

  1. Eat more protein

Every morning you need fuel to start your day.

  • To have all the energy we recommend, for example, to add a cooked egg to satisfy the appetite.
  • So, in addition, you will be including more proteins to your body.

You will notice the difference throughout the day!

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