4 remedies to combat stiffness

4 remedies to combat stiffness

4 remedies to combat stiffness

Stretch marks are very annoying and can provide mild pain, especially for those who start to train hard. In today’s article, we want to help you on your way to the perfect body and allow yourself to reach 100% when you train. For this we provide you 4 remedies to combat stiffness, all of them are natural and you can carry them out at home.

combat stiffness

4 remedies to combat stiffness

Ice to reduce the inflammation:

It is one of the most common techniques used by the elite athletes after a great effort. You should apply ice for 10 minutes in the affected area or fill the tub with ice cubes if you have stiffness throughout the body. The ice helps to deflate and will make your muscles recover sooner.

Home Energy Drink:

There are many types of drinks that help muscle recovery, but today we show you a home-made drink that is easy to prepare. You will need some water, a spoonful of sugar, baking soda and squeeze a lemon. This energy drink can be taken after training to reduce stiffness.

A Thyme Bath:

This technique helps to relax the entire body and allows advancing muscle recovery. To do this it is necessary to prepare an infusion of thyme and pour it into a bathtub with hot water.

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To enhance the properties of the thyme is advised once the bath is finished; apply cold water for a few seconds in the affected areas.


It is very common to lightly massage (without pressure) the affected area. You can do it yourself with your fingers using some natural cream that helps to relax the muscles. If the cream does not allow you to carry day to day with total normality, it is advisable to put in the hands of a professional.

These 4 remedies to combat stiffness will help you not to stop training when your body feels discomfort or a slight pain. But stiffness tends to appear when you have not exercised for a long time and you work hard without the muscles being prepared. If you are starting a training routine, begin without forcing to prepare the body and gradually increase the intensity.

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