Treatment of intestinal infection

Treatment of intestinal infection

Treatment of intestinal infection

Under intestinal infections involve a whole group of diseases and they affect the entire gastrointestinal system. This kind of disease is very common, which is why each person simply need to have information on how the disease spreads and how it can be avoided.

Why are there intestinal infections?

The most important cause of this disease has a variety of bacteria and viruses that are able to produce special poison-enterotoxin. Once in the human body, namely, the intestine, the process begins poisoning. Most often, this type of infection can be transmitted through food, water or through the materials at hand.

Treatment of intestinal infectionViruses and bacteria that often are the cause of this kind of disease:

  • Salmonella;
  • Rotavirus;
  • Dysentery bacillus;
  • Vibrio cholerae;
  • Stafilokakk gold;
  • Enterovirus.

Such pathogens are very resistant and can live for a long time, they multiply on dirty hands, food and water.

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Also, modern medicine knows a lot of the bacteria is not dangerous to human health and they live directly in the gut, skin and mucous areas. But if the immune system weakens and the body itself, it enables these bacteria to multiply. Viruses – are parasites. Forming in human cells, where they begin to multiply and stayed cause all sorts of diseases.

Symptoms of intestinal infections

The symptoms of such diseases are directly dependent on the pathogen. But among all the main features can be identified that appear immediately after the injury, regardless of the cause of the disease, such as:

  • Weakness in the body;
  • Lack of appetite.

Over time starts diarrhea and abdominal pain, very strong.

Some patients may occur sweating and even a fever. This kind of disease should be treated immediately after the first symptoms, as may occur serious consequences in the form of dehydration. This happens because of the large loss of fluid from the body in the form of vomiting.

How to treat an intestinal infection?

To treat this disease need to apply complex character. It is necessary not only rids the body of harmful microorganisms, but also to restore the water balance and get rid of toxic substances. First and foremost you need to make the patient an enema and take a special sorbent.

Now there are a lot of different drugs that are able to cope with intestinal infections, but it is important to know how the pathogen was the cause of such diseases. You can find out at the hospital as a result of laboratory research. Before treatment, be sure to pass a stool sample. Since the addition of a bacterial infection may be viral, and more so for the treatment of antibiotics should be used, to avoid complications.

If the infectious agent is an enterovirus, the treatment should include antiviral drugs and strengthening. If the adults and the kids are suffering from an infection caused by adenovirus, which also holds long-term toxicity and fever during the treatment necessary to restore electrolyte balance and for some time to starve because food can cause bacterial growth.

Recommendations relating to the prevention of infections:

  • Be sure to wash your hands;
  • Fish and meat in a raw form should be stored separately from cooked food;
  • Wash fruits and vegetables before eating.

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