Some points to keep in mind before getting on the bike

Some points to keep in mind before getting on the bike

Some points to keep in mind before getting on the bike

It has always been said that bicycles are for the summer. Now we are at this time of year and many are those who decide to bike routes or just go for a walk with friends or family. For this reason, and because there are many injuries resulting from misuse of this vehicle, we make a review of some points to consider before you get on a bike.

First of all, it is important to know that all sports activities must be playful, and more when practiced on holidays. In the case of the bicycle can appear discomfort that degenerates in an injury. The areas that are most affected are the knee and hip, although many other cyclists may appear lumbar and even cervical discomfort. Almost always the cause is a bad use of the bicycle that can be avoided if you know how.

Some points to keep in mind before getting on the bikeBuy the bike that best fits our physique

As a first rule it is necessary that we perfectly adjust the components of the bicycle at our height. It is true that this must start with the purchase of the bicycle, as there are much higher models and other lower models adapted to different heights. For this we will test the bike before riding on it and take a short walk with her to test her comfort and adaptability to us.

Adjust saddle height correctly

Once we have the bicycle it is necessary to regulate the height of the saddle. To do what we will take into account is the placement of the body while we are pedaling, not the height of the saddle when we are standing. The way to know if the seat is correctly will be that the leg will not stretch at all when pedaling. The knee should move easily, but we never have to force it. The foot should also not be detached from the pedal. First of all we must give a comfortable pedal that keeps us stable and does not make us tilt us from side to side. It is also not good for the knees to bend too much to the chest when pedaling.

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Proper positioning of the handlebar

The handlebar is another point that we must have very controlled before we get on the bike cleta. The way to regulate it will be the following one. To begin with we must try to make the back straight if we keep our arms straight. That is, the rear must remain supported on the saddle, the legs as we have discussed above, and arms stretched. In this posture the back should be kept relaxed and stretched, with no pressure in the lumbar or arches that can cause us problems of overload in the long run.

Previous stretching and warming

Once the bike is placed and regulated for our height, we will prepare our body. For this we recommend stretching the legs to perfection. After stretching legs, we should do the same with the upper body, especially the neck and arms. To begin we will do it as a warm up with a slight cycling lap to soft pedal along a smooth terrain. This moment will help us to acclimate to the bike, correct any possible failure of regulation of saddle and handlebar and make our body adapt to the activity that we are going to carry out.

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