How to grind a force routine according to RPE

How to grind a force routine according to RPE

How to grind a force routine according to RPE

First, briefly re-comment on what RPE. This terminology represents the degree of effort that is being made to lift loads based on the sensations that the athlete has. While it is true that there are many predetermined strength progressions, it is also true that these routines can be extremely hard and, in most cases, do not allow the athlete to recover correctly between sessions.

No one questions the methods of training type Smolov Jr, Russian Cycle or any other type of progression, are effective. However, not all people who wish to increase their strength have the same.

How to grind a force routine according to RPEHow to train strength when we want to improve our 1 RM

It should be noted that to train strength, we must have a lot of patience. You can train and increase strength in many different ways, but the reality is that if we want to improve our strength in a low range of repetitions, the most correct thing is to move in percentages of our RM near the maximum.

By this I mean that a person can no doubt make himself stronger by always performing eight or ten repetitions and increasing that burden over time, which would determine that person has increased his strength.

However, in spite of having obtained this increase of force, in many occasions the charges near the 1RM cost a lot more to raise them because the Nervous System is not accustomed to face to intensities so high.

That is, if we want to make strong between 80% and 100% of our MRI, it is best to always train using loads close to said percentage of load. We have already talked several times about the speed factor, and is that the force is closely related to the speed at which we lift a load.

If for example today we are able to lift 130 kg at 0.40 m / s and when training for three months, we managed to lift that load at a higher speed, for example at 0.50 m / s, it will mean that our strength has increased and that our RM has uploaded.

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How to determine the number of sets and training volume

As we have introduced in the previous paragraph, when we want to increase our MRI, the ideal thing is to train with loads near the 1RM. This means that the best way to increase our strength is to train using between 80% and 100% of our 1 RM.

This intensity of loads implies that we will usually move in sets that are between one and up to five repetitions at most. More repetitions would imply that we would be moving a load below 80% of our MRI, which would cause us to train in a range less than adequate for our purpose.

Having clear intensity the next step is to choose the total volume of each session. In this case, what we must take into account is also the frequency that we want to apply to the movement in question. That is, if we choose a lower frequency, we will increase the series to be performed each day, otherwise, we will reduce them.

The scientific literature speaks of not allowing a loss of speed between series greater than 20%. However, this figure is orientative and more frequently, the less must be the% accumulated fatigue that we must allow. If, for example, we train a movement six days a week, we should not allow a speed reduction of more than 10% .

Is it better to have more frequency or more intensity and volume between sessions?

The answer to the question of whether it is better to use a higher frequency to a movement or increase the volume of training is, it depends. First, each person has a different recovery capacity and a tolerance to high volumes of different training.

Precisely self- regulation allows us to adapt the training to the lifestyle we have. In this way, we can progress to have the time we have to train, whether it is a lot or a little day after day.

What is certain is that, in terms of strength, the sessions should be long lasting, with a good warm-up, with their respective series of approach to the PAP and subsequent effective series.

However, there are possibilities for all tastes, and although a person cannot train for a long time to the day, can continue gaining strength.

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