Folk remedies for warts

Folk remedies for warts

Folk remedies for warts

Because of what is appearing warts on the body still cannot tell the doctors. But many experts say that this is happening at a time when the body’s immune system weakens. This may occur due to high humidity, but still warts often occur due to viruses. There are a lot of medical techniques that help to remove the wart. For example, doctors prescribe vitamin E or electrical stimulation. But how to remove the build-up on the skin at home? In fact, there are lots of ways to help remove a wart from your body in a short time.

Folk remedies for wartsInfusion of apple cider vinegar

Many believe that in order to get rid of the build-up of apple cider vinegar can be used on the body. It must insist on garlic. This is done so. Take a few cloves of garlic, they are cleaned and cut into small pieces. Garlic placed in a glass bowl and poured into it one hundred milliliters of apple cider vinegar. Thereafter, the bowl must close tightly and configured to leave for two weeks. After the infusion will be ready to begin to treat. In the morning and in the evening you need to lubricate this infusion wart. But it should be done carefully, because you cannot touch the healthy skin.

Compress on the basis of aloe

To remove growths suit compresses made from aloe. They are very effective in the treatment of warts. We must take a glass of warm boiled water, add to it half a teaspoon of baking soda and mix the solution. In this solution, it is necessary to moisten a cotton ball and place it on the wart no more than ten minutes. Then the wool is removed from the patient’s place and put to him a piece of leaf aloe. But first sheet must be well rinsed and cut it along. Bandages need to fix this piece of paper on the wart and leave it for 24 hours at night. Doing this procedure is necessary until the wart is not held.

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Potato mask

Another very effective method to do special mask made from potatoes. To make it one will need a raw potato. Vegetables should be a good wash and rub on a greater directly with the skin. Then you need to put this slurry to the fabric. It is important that the material does not absorb moisture. For example, a perfect ordinary plastic bag. This mixture is applied to the affected area and are wrapped with a bandage. Do this procedure daily. Duration of procedure – three weeks.

Garlic ointment

Great help in the fight against warts ointment made from garlic. You just need to buy garlic, a few cloves of need. They are cleaned and fray. We need to get a paste of garlic. In this mass to put a little lard, but it needs to be pre-melt. Also in the mix is added to the usual four spoons of vinegar. Ointment should be well mixed until smooth. And apply this mixture on the growth on the body. Make such a procedure until the wart is not gone. You can also simply rub the wart cut garlic. This should be done at night, and do not rinse.

Onion cream

Ointment archery also quickly helps get rid of this trouble. To prepare it you will need one tablespoon of onion and one tablespoon of honey for sale. The components are mixed and applied to the affected skin area. This mixture should be to roll bandages and put on top of the wart onion mush too need to be fixed with a bandage. The skin should be pre-greased fat cream or Vaseline.

Using all of these methods can be fast enough to solve the problem with the ugly growths on the skin. But all the same it is necessary to consult with your doctor about whether it is possible to begin treatment on their own at home. Like this stuff visit for more reviews.

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