Ways to Prevent Neurodegeneration in alcoholism

Ways to Prevent Neurodegeneration in alcoholism

Ways to Prevent Neurodegeneration in alcoholism

Studies of alcohol-induced brain damage clearly indicated that alcohol is a neurotoxic substance which excessive consumption leads to cerebral degeneration. Chronic alcoholism mostly effects cerebellum part of the brain, which is a major part controls your motor memory, coordination and balance of the body. That’s why people with alcoholic cerebral degeneration often face a problem with their balance and gait.

Nutritional deficiencies also play an important role in the development of alcohol-induced neurodegeneration. When someone abuses alcohol and also do not take proper diet, he/she soon becomes the victim of nutritional deficiency. Therefore, it is very important to supplement your diet with required vitamins like B12, folic acid and proper nutrients.

Here we have discussed few key things you need to do to protect your vital organ from the development of neurodegeneration.

1. Improve circulation of oxygen to the brain

You might be wondering how you can improve oxygen flow to the brain? But nothing to worry, there are lot activities that you can do on a regular basis, which directly improve the oxygen circulation to the brain. For example take a walk for 15 to 20 minutes daily, it will give an immediate boost of oxygen to your brain. Studies have shown that a 20-minute walk increases the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain.

According to Oxford University Press Journal ‘Brain’, it is reported that if you get to stand up on your feet or just one foot improves the cerebral circulation of the brain. Also, you need do 30-45 minutes physical exercise in order to improve blood circulation in the brain. You can also take supplements like Feverfew, Ginkgo which is very potential increasing oxygen flow to the brain.

2. Reduce neuro-inflammation

A strong connection is there between your brain and stomach. Chronic alcoholism disrupts your stomach function and gives rise to the neuroinflammation. Therefore, you need to follow the anti-inflammatory diet to improve your stomach function which also has a direct impact on your brain. These days a lot of neuroinflammation reducing products are available like resveratrol, luteolin, curcumin which experts often recommend.

3. Reduce oxidative stress

Oxidative stress to mitochondria of the brain give rises to the massive neurodegeneration. In order to avoid this, it is important to take such nutrients which must contain alpha lipoic acid, n-acetyl carnitine, milk thistle, etc. It is better to consult with doctors before using such nutrients.

4. Maintain blood sugar level

Consult with a doctor, take a test of your blood sugar and see whether the amount of insulin in your blood is higher or lower. If insulin level is higher, it will reduce the glucose circulation to your brain and also affect brain function.

5. Take Piracetam

This one is highly recommended. Piracetam helps prevent neurodegeneration in alcoholism by restraining the neurone loss in the hippocampus of the brain when going through alcohol intoxication. It also improves the reorganisation of synaptic cells or synapses in the brain of alcohol withdrawn person.

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