Take Control Of Premature Ejaculation & Be Confident In Bed

Take Control Of Premature Ejaculation & Be Confident In Bed

Take Control Of Premature Ejaculation & Be Confident In Bed

Premature ejaculation might not always harm your life yet it is a situation that places emotional pressure on your relationship. However one should note that early climaxing only becomes a trouble if it is leading to a great deal of grief or discomfort for both you and your partner.
Take Control Of Premature Ejaculation & Be Confident In Bed

The problem of premature ejaculation during sex has been a concern for men for many years. If you think premature ejaculation is not normal, realize that the average male only lasts around 5 to 7 minutes during intercourse.

Early ejaculation can be defined as finishing sex before he or his partner is satisfied. This can range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. For a man, coming too early can hurt his pride and ego of not being able to satisfy his partner. Many relationships tend to fizzle out if a man is unable to please his woman.

If your other half was able to orgasm in the initial few moments and is pleased with the sex, then you should not feel guilty or place pressure on yourself concerning your ejaculation control.

The natural alternative to premature ejaculation treatment is using a natural method of retraining your penis through a mind and body connection exercise.

One kind of penis retraining exercise works by targeting the PC muscular tissues. This will allow you to gain control over your ejaculatory nervous system. Bending these muscular tissues and holding them in for a few second makes it easier to manage your early ejaculation. Do these exercises in the privacy of your own home and master it.Once you do so you can practice and experiment with your partner and help curb your ejaculation.

If you prefer to seek medical treatment, you should visit your doctor and ask if they have any medications that Treatment of premature ejaculation. These medications work on your neurotransmitters and send serotonin to the brain allow you to control your ejaculation and last longer in bed. However, with all prescription medications, there are side effects of nausea, dry mouth and even heart palpitations so please use caution and consult your doctor regularly fo medical advice.

If you manage to satisfy your partner before making love, never mind merely exactly how long you carry on for as long as she is pleased. Just remind yourself that ejaculating prematurely can be a result of how you are genetically hardwired. Back in the cave man error, the objective of survival is to seed as numerous children as you can. These days, sex is about sexual pleasure and not just about procreation. Unfortunately, TV, women’s magazines place more emphasis on lasting much longer for the man so there is a great desire to please his woman.

In general, woman find that the duration of sex matters to a limited extent. What matters more is how their partners are able to please them during sex. You will find with a good amount of foreplay, women are able to reach climax more easily so it places less pressure on you to have to perform.


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